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Oct 29

Benefits of Pressure Washing Your Backyard Deck

The best part about Spring and summer is the weather. It's a great time of the year to enjoy your yard. Who doesn't like relaxing by the pool and having family and friends over for backyard barbecues? During these types of events, our decks become the center point of the party. It's a place for everyone to sit together and mingle.

When our seasons change from summer to fall our decks start to become an almost forgotten place. And with a change of season comes a change of weather. The rain brings with it the potential of algae and mold, which might claim ownership of your deck. Pressure washing is the technique of choice when you want your deck to return back to its former appearance.
In this blog post, we want to share with you the benefits of pressure washing your deck. Let us restore your faith that your slimy green deck can be restored!
We first need to identify what might be causing the problems on your deck and if it needs to be washed.
Everything that is outdoors 24/7 is exposed to nature's elements. With this exposer comes a need for maintenance to ensure the longevity of our possessions. Whether that is the roof of your home, exterior walls, driveways, and patios, or your backyard deck.  
Algae may have attached to your deck after becoming airborne and drifting through the air. Before it landed it might have also become entangled with mold spores or mildew. During the wet season, your deck is a nasty breeding ground for these lifeforms and once they grab hold of your deck it's only a matter of time before seeking to conquer the entire surface. The dirt from the bottom of people's feet only adds to the problem.
To help you protect your deck and keep it clean, let’s look at the benefits of professional power washing.
As hinted at before, routine maintenance helps a deck look great, increases its lifespan, and also prevents possible needs to replace sections of wood of your deck. Pressure washing can also be far cheaper than the cost of replacing damaged wood. Recently, the cost of lumber has increased making replacing wooden decks more expensive than ever before.
Although decks can be made from different materials, pressure washing works on all of them as long as it's done by an experienced pressure washer. Beware of pressure washing services that treat every deck the same. A pressure washing machine is a serious piece of equipment. Whether doing it yourself or making the mistake of hiring the wrong pressure washer, there is a potential of damaging your deck.
Galvan's Pressure Washing team has the experience to safely and effectively pressure wash wooden decks, Trex decks, or composite decks.
Another benefit to pressure washing your deck is that it can boost the curb appeal of your property. It offers a great return on investment when you are thinking about selling your house. Some real estate agents say that pressure washing can increase your asking price by thousands of dollars, especially when you pressure wash your roof, exterior walls, patio, driveway, walkways, and of course your deck.
In conclusion, the benefits of pressure washing your deck are:
  • Enhancing its appearance
  • Ensuring your deck's longevity
  • Boost your home's curb appeal
  • Prevent potential repairs
  • Save time and money
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