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Colorbond® Roof Repair

Nov 20

Repairing a Colorbond® Roof 

What is a Colorbond® roof? 

Colorbond® is a strong, durable, and sustainable kind of steel with a zincalume core produced by Buescope, a flat steel producer based in Australia, used mainly for roofs and wall cladding installations. Bluescope first introduced Colorbond® to the Australian market in 1966. They discovered that when a thin sheet of iron is corrugated it results in a robust, light, and reliable building material. With Bluescope's continuous innovation of technology and unshakeable 5-star reviews, Colorbond® is now the most popular choice for roofing materials in Melbourne. 

Colorbond® has the Activate® Technology 

Because Bluescope invests greatly in innovating and further improving its products, they came up with the Activate® technology in 2013. It is Bluescope's world-renowned metallic coating technology, which heightens steel's non-corrosiveness and increases protection from external conditions. 

Colorbond® has the Thermatech® solar reflectance Technology

Bluescope did not just create the Activate® technology, it also created Thermatech®. The said technology makes the steel reflect most of the sun's rays while it lessens the amount of stress that your roof gets, which produces a cooler home that uses less energy.

Built for Australian conditions and climate 

 Colorbond® products have undertaken multiple tests and simulations with regard to robustness, climate resistance, heat resistance, and outdoor exposure so that you get a product truly fit for harsh weather and does not crack, fade, or break under immense pressure. 

Colorbond® Roof Repairs 

Leaking Roofs 

When you have leaks in your roof, this is a sign that your roof needs repair or restoration. You may have problems with your box gutters like blockages, wrong sizing, screw holes, incorrectly installed flashings, improper installation of insulation, or when the silicon deteriorates over time. These issues must be immediately attended to by roofing contractors such as Brennan Roofing. 

Create more safe and happy memories inside your home with Colorbond® roofing! These roofs will last you over 30 years or more if properly maintained, cared for, and repaired.