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Nov 26

Do I need to replace the drywall after water damage?

Water damage is a common reason Drywall Houston, Tx homes need to be replaced. It is very practical for interior construction. However, drywall does not resist water exposure.

Water damage can sometimes be repaired, but drywall can still be used in certain situations. In most cases, however, replacement is required. The good news is that drywall does not have to be a load-bearing material. It can be easily removed by qualified professionals and installed without any impact on the house's structure. Below are some examples of scenarios that could occur:

Minor incident. Short-term water exposures (such as from an appliance that is overflowing) are usually not too significant and will not cause damage to the drywall. Use absorbent towels to wipe the wet area immediately. Then, run a fan over the affected area for a longer time to dry it.

Wet drywall. Water exposure that is significant due to flooding or other severe events that last for an extended period of time can cause gypsum to become saturated. The material will often become deformed, sagging, or bulging. Even with the most intensive drying techniques, drywall will not return to its original state. After drying, the core of the gypsum loses its strength and cracks easily. Professional water damage remediation includes drywall removal and replacement.

Mold damage. Drywall may initially look intact after water exposure. But, it is possible for a later consequence to make replacement necessary. Mold growth may be caused by prolonged or acute moisture exposure. This is typically seen as darkening or blotches on exterior walls. You can remove mold growth from the surface of the drywall by using effective biocides. It is possible to replace all or part of the affected panels if mold has already penetrated beneath the surface.


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