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The 2021 Roofing Trends: Colors and Materials

Nov 28

It can be hard to find the right roof for your home. Properly installed roofs will provide homeowners with peace of mind, protection, beauty, and value.

Architects, homeowners, and contractors like need to take into account many factors, including whether they are building a new home, adding on, or repairing their roofs.

Just like other styles and products, roofing trends change all the time. Although a roof that was built yesterday can make a house look older, it can still keep it looking fresh for many years.

Your roof is an essential part of your home. It can also be vulnerable to leaks or stains.

This is the first trend that we see in this industry. Ballast White Rhino EPoxy, a mineral-based coat has been proven to be resistant to hail storms and other weather elements. The light ingredients, mainly spices, ensure that the coating retains its original color.


Miller claims that McMansions were known for their elaborate lines and high pitch over many years. "We even saw people adapting their homes to the McMansion design. "

A new trend in roofing is low-pitched roofs that have long, elegant lines. Both flat roofing and standing seam are options homeowners have to make an architectural statement.

Storm damage to roofs and other patterns can be combined into one house.

Copper-colored roofs are not new. They can be either crimson-colored or green. If the walls are light, a dark roof will be required.

New Roofing Trends - Timeless Roofing Trends

Many new houses are sleek and made of modern materials but they may not be suitable for all properties.

Miller states that a Victorian-style roof is a good choice for modern or mid-century designs.

Homeowners who plan to stay in their home for the long term will consider asphalt shingles a "disposable material."

The two classic types of slate, wood shaking, are still very much in demand. Multicolored metallic panels are a new manufacturing innovation. They have a similar appearance while still maintaining the efficiency and durability of metal.

Homeowners who want their property to look timeless or shaken up are choosing to increase the property's curb appeal.

Roofing Technology Trends Roofing Technology Trends

Miller says that technological advances today have an impact not only on the materials and designs but also on how roof buyers purchase their roofs.

Technological advances have made roofing materials more attractive and versatile. There are new options for slate and multi-hued roofs.

Reflective coatings are another breakthrough. Another breakthrough is the use of reflective coatings.

Miller stated that roofing companies are responding in kind to extreme weather trends, creating stronger products that can withstand hail or high winds. A roof is crucial to protect your home from the worst.

Solar-ready roofs are becoming more popular among builders, homeowners, and architects. These roofs have an integrated solar gathering system that allows you to capture solar energy. The use of solar power in homes is becoming more popular. While a solar-ready roof may be affordable now, it will help you save money in the long term.

These are just some of the latest trends in roofing that manufacturers and contractors are using to measure your roof. You can also use visualizers to let you "try on" different colors and materials to find the perfect match for your home.

Industries' Choose Your Roof products can help you discover your "roofing personality".

Miller predicts these themes will become more popular in 2021 and will last many years.