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Roofing Contractors: How do I pick the best one?

Dec 9

Ten Things to Consider when Choosing the Right Roofing Contractor

Roofs are one of the biggest components of building a property. The installation of roofs is not a simple process- the roof itself is composed of various parts such as the deck, insulation, flashings, chimney, and membrane. All these parts must be applied appropriately in order to work in perfect harmony. Wrong application or sloppy installation of any of these parts will result in the failure of the entire roof, which may lead to damages that will cost you an arm and a leg. This is the reason why choosing the best and right roofing contractor is very important for all home builders. Here are some tips on picking the best roofers for your roofing needs. 

Certification, Training, and Licenses

Roofing is a job not to be taken lightly. Homeowners are recommended to leave roofing jobs to the experts. Roofing professionals have the appropriate equipment, training, and knowledge to complete projects. Always make sure that roofing contractors can present you with licenses that allow them to work in the area. A seasoned roofer has completed the necessary training and has experience installing different kinds of roofing materials and knows how to work with various roofing material brands. Usually, manufacturers of roofing products provide roofing contractors with seminars and training about their products. 

Check for Insurance

Roof restorations, roof installations, and roof repairs are considered high-risk tasks. During the completion of the project, mishaps and accidents are unavoidable. You do not want to hire a company that cannot take responsibility and is liable for possible damages to the property, its fixtures, and even to people. Your prospective roofing contractor should be able to provide you a Certificate or Proof of Insurance that is up to date, compliant with Victoria's requirements, and effective up until the end of the project. 

Insurance should cover general liability and roofer's compensation. Always verify with your local government for the worker's compensation rates. Never ever team up with a contractor that cannot show you any certificate of insurance for its workers. 

Get Referrals and Check Client Reviews 

Ask for referrals. High-quality roofing contractors willingly give out referrals to potential clients. This helps build the trust and confidence of the person to hire the company. Excellent referrals and feedback from previous clients are a good sign that the roofers are doing their job right and well. If the company cannot or is unwilling to provide the said referrals, treat this as a red flag. You can also use the internet to search for and read reviews on their site so you can have an idea of how they do their work and how they treat their clients. 

Cost of Roofing

Of course, the cost of roofing is one of the biggest deciding factors in choosing the best roofing contractor in Melbourne. You want to get an estimate of costs from different roofing contractors and compare them with each other. If the price is too low, it may be too good to be true. If the price is too high, you might want to double-check again. The cost is not the only thing that matters. You have to look at the entire picture before making a decision. 

Verify Legitimacy

Verify the legitimacy of the roofing contractor or business by requesting a tax identification number, a business address, a business website or email address, and a contact phone number. Fly-by-night contractors are known for running away from their clients so that they can avoid paying for damages. These companies run away and re-open their companies under a different name, in a different location. You need to hire a firm that has extensive experience and a solid reputation that will not cheat and take advantage of you.

Track Record

A clean track record means exactly what it means- the company is clean and fraud-free. Also, good roofing contractors are more than happy to share with potential customers their past projects or their portfolios. These portfolios are usually accompanied by client reviews and referrals. 

Have your Roof Evaluated by Several Contractors

It is best to have a list of roofing companies to choose from. Each company will have different roofing cost estimates, use varied equipment and material, and have different work ethics. You want to get a company that matches what you need and meets your expectations when it comes to service and client relations. 

Do your research

Educate yourself and make an informed decision. Do your own research about roofing, what you want to be done, and how you want it to be completed. When you have an understanding of the roofing process, it helps you monitor and keep track of how your contractor works and make sure that you are not being taken advantage of. Take the time to understand what is being done to your roof.

Everything should be in writing

From start to finish, everything must be in writing. Documentation is key! Keeping everything in writing is a way to ensure safety and security from fraud. Do not accept cash deals. Cash does not leave a paper trail and can be a source of discord and deceit for both client and contractor. Roofers with high credibility employ a person who is responsible for drawing up the contract and going through the contract with the clients in detail. This ensures that nothing is left out and that everything is covered from the ground up. 

Be Patient

Looking for the perfect roofing contractor takes a lot of time and effort. You cannot find quality roofing companies overnight. Invest time, energy, and sometimes money because hiring the best roofing contractor will reap the most benefits in the end. 

The Best Roofing Contractor in Melbourne

Highly recommended and credible roofers have the following qualities: 

  • Fully Insured
  • Highly qualified and complete with certification
  • Only employs seasoned experts
  • Safety compliant
  • Member of the Housing Industry Association (HIA) in Australia
  • No sub-contractors
  • Only uses premium products
  • Has excellent and transparent client and contractor relationship