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Pressure Washing Long Island | What do you get out of pressure washing your exterior house?

Dec 13


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Pressure washing your exterior house is a great way to protect it from the elements. The process of pressure washing removes dirt, mold, mildew, and even algae that can build up on your house. It also helps remove any unwanted insect nests or animal droppings that may have accumulated over time. 

Pressure washing will help you keep your home clean and looking newer for longer periods without much maintenance required. Pressure washers are also environmentally friendly because they use water rather than harmful chemicals to do their job which makes them safer around children and pets too!

Pressure Washing Long Island

Pressure washing your exterior house will remove dirt, grime, and mold


Pressure washing your exterior house will remove dirt, grime, and mold. This is a service that should be done every three to four years. Pressure washing removes the build-up of pollutants from the surface of brick or stone by propelling water at high velocity against these surfaces under high pressure. 

The use of a chemical cleaning agent mixed with the water stream assists in removing stubborn dirt and stains from your exterior walls and roof shingles. The chemicals typically used are soaps which provide lubrication for loosening soil particles on vertical surfaces, detergents that emulsify oily substances such as tree sap or asphalt sealer, acids to dissolve rust stains from metal roofs, phosphates for removing soap scum from tile roofs, and chlorides for removing efflorescence from masonry surfaces.

Pressure Washing Long Island

You’ll be able to see the true color of your home’s paint


The exterior of your house is constantly exposed to the elements. The sun, rain, and any other weather conditions it comes in contact with can cause discoloration of paint on your home’s exterior. Pressure washing will remove dirt and grime buildup, restoring your home’s original color. Not only will you be able to see the true color of the paint job that was applied originally, but pressure washing also helps maintain its appearance by removing any contaminants that may damage or fade it over time. This process eliminates unsightly mildew stains as well as moss buildups on shingles and siding which are common in humid climates.

It will make it easier to clean the outside of your windows


No one wants to live in a dirty house. It’s an unfortunate, but very common occurrence for people to neglect the outside of their home. They’ll do everything they can for the inside, but when it comes time to wash up the dirt on your windows or paint over that ugly brown spot on your siding, most people find excuses not to go out and do it themselves. But why put off these necessary tasks? Pressure washing is easy with today’s equipment – you don’t need any expensive equipment or chemicals at all! All you need is water and soap. You can even get affordable deals on professional pressure washers that will make quick work of getting rid of stains and grime from your exterior walls without damaging them as other methods might.

Your grass will grow greener because water can get down into the soil more easily


The grass will grow greener because water can get down into the soil more easily. This is due to pressure washing your exterior house, which will remove mold and mildew that has built upon the surface of it. The dirt, dust, moss, and algae are all removed by using a high-pressure stream of water to blast them off. It also removes paint chips from chipping away at the siding or cladding material over time. Pressure washing helps you get rid of any unwanted growths on your home’s exterior so it can be clean again without you having to scrub for hours at a time with harsh chemicals like bleach or ammonia while inhaling their fumes which could potentially cause damage to your respiratory system in the long run.

A pressure washer is a great way to get rid of that junk in your gutters before winter hits


Before the weather gets cold, a pressure washer may help you get rid of that trash in your gutters. Pressure washing your home’s exterior is more than simply about aesthetics; it’s also about safety and property preservation. A pressure washer might save you money on future repairs or replacements. It’s an inexpensive and easy process to keep up with every season and it will be well worth it when you see all those leaves and other debris washed away before they do damage to your home’s foundation, siding, brickwork, etc. You’ll need a ladder for this job so we recommend you secure one before starting on any cleaning projects!

The noise from a pressure washer won’t bother you or any neighbors too much since it’s only on for short periods at a time


Because the pressure washer isn’t on for very long periods, noise from it shouldn’t bother you or your neighbors. Pressure washing your outside house is one of the most effective things you can do to boost its curb appeal and look, but many people aren’t aware of this service’s benefits. It doesn’t take long to finish the work, either. One or two hours is usually enough to get the house looking great again. It’s even better if you have a power washer with high PSI and GPM ratings, which will make for a more powerful cleaning.

If you use an electric pressure washer, there are no emissions like with gas-powered ones!


Electric pressure washers are better for the environment because they don’t emit harmful gases. They’re also more energy-efficient than gas-powered units. A further benefit is that they’re quieter than their gasoline counterparts. The only drawback of using an electric power washer is that it’s not as powerful as a gas-powered one, but this can be solved by simply adding some water to the job site before washing – which might even be necessary anyway if it’s very dry out and your house needs water sealant applied after cleaning. It’s a good idea to have an electric power washer on hand for smaller jobs and to use a gas-powered one for the tougher ones.

You’ll get to see just how much gunk was building up on your house all this time!


Pressure washing your exterior house is a good idea because it will show you just how much gunk has been building up on the outside of your home. It’s not uncommon for homeowners to be shocked by what they find when they pressure wash their house, and this may even motivate them to make some changes to keep their home looking its best. Some people might think that there are more important things that need attention instead of pressure washing the exterior of their home but neglecting the appearance can lead others to question how well you take care of other areas as well. Pressure washing your house is also an excellent way to remove any mold or mildew from the surface which could have been growing there unnoticed.

Pressure washing can help increase the life of your home’s siding and roofing materials


Pressure washing can help increase the life of your home’s siding and roofing materials. Pressure washing is a process where you use high-pressure water, often mixed with chemicals, to remove dirt, debris, and other pollutants from surfaces. It is used outdoors for things like driveways and patios as well as indoors on walls or floors. The surface being washed is usually protected by a hose connection with an adjustable gun nozzle which sprays the high-pressure stream of water combined with chemicals onto the surface to be cleaned. This removes loose paint or rust along with any grime that has accumulated overtime on the surface in question.

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