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Mar 25

Remodeling Homes St. Paul's Home Remodeling Blog

The kitchen is, arguably, the most important room in your residence. Functionality is an essential aspect of getting the best out of your kitchen. Some kitchens feel cramped and too small. This can result in poor cooking and eating. Does it feel like you are cooking in a small closet? Perhaps it's time to look into a kitchen redesign. There are options for those who don't want to spend the extra square footage on an addition. You can remodel your kitchen without having to add extra space. Here are four ideas that will help you get started.

1. You can create an atmosphere of openness

If you have an adjoining wall between your kitchen/dining room, it may be worth removing it to make the space more open. You don't need to remove the entire wall. A section can be removed and used to build a breakfast countertop that doubles as an extra dining area and place to do food prep. A second seating option, which can be concealed underneath the counter, is backless stools.


You don't need to have your kitchen separated from a wall. There are other options that can make it feel more open. Cupboards make a small kitchen feel more cramped. Replace your top cupboards with open shelves to create a spacious feeling and store all of your glassware. Repainting with lighter colors can make your kitchen feel less closed-in, especially if it is a darker color scheme.

2. Consider a different layout

It may be worth looking at changing the layout entirely if your kitchen is overwhelming. This will require more work, but the benefits are well worth it. Galley-style layouts are a good option to maximize the space. There's cabinetry, storage, and appliances on one side.


It can create a feeling of unity between rooms, which can help make your kitchen feel larger. It is possible to match the flooring of your kitchen and that of the adjoining space. You can achieve the exact same effect by sharing the same design between rooms.


3. See your lighting

Lighting is vital in every space of your home. A kitchen that is too dimly lit and has limited space can make cooking difficult. Recessed light is one option, but not the only way to save space. Under-cabinet lighting can be used to brighten up counter space.


Flush mount lighting provides overhead lighting to low ceilings that may not be suitable for pendant lighting. This overhead light attaches to the ceiling in a way that leaves very little space between itself and the light fixture.


4. You should make the most of every square inch

This applies to vertical space in your kitchen. Also, you should revamp your cupboards and cabinets to maximize space. There are many ways you can maximize this space. Install pull-out shelving in cabinets for quick access to pots & pans. Or, use wire racks in cupboards to double your space. With stacked cabinets, make the most out of your vertical space. Install small cubbies in overlooked areas, such as above your sink.


For large pots and pots that you use often, a hanging rack is a good option. To save counter space, you could also hang your cooking utensils/ knives up on the walls. There are many options for small kitchens, even if they are not very large. The best way to make your kitchen comfortable is to maximize every inch.


You're looking for more remodeling ideas to make your home even more enjoyable? Contact Us. Our team of design-build professionals will work closely with you to determine the best design solutions for your needs.


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