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Four Signs You Need to Call an HVAC Contractor

Apr 11

Four Signs You Need to Call an HVAC Contractor

Most people don’t realize that HVAC (heating-ventilation and air conditioning), plays an integral part in their homes. Most people do not perform the maintenance necessary to keep their home's HVAC system in good condition until after a major problem has arisen. They don’t check with HVAC contractors until there are serious problems.

You know the saying, "An ounce of prevention is worth one pound of treatment." Most people know some things about their HVAC systems. They may also undertake routine maintenance to save money. HVAC maintenance is something homeowners are able to put off until there is a problem. Many homeowners lack the necessary mechanical skills to repair the unit.

This article will help you understand when it's important to contact a cooling or heating specialist. It provides troubleshooting information and also details when it may be necessary to contact a professional.

1. The home is too hot or too cold

It is important to contact HVAC contractors immediately if your home is too warm or cold. Let's suppose that there is a noticeable temperature difference from one area to another. It could happen that one room is hotter than the other, and vice versa. This is a clear sign that something is wrong with the heating and cooling units.

Old air filters may be one of the reasons for inconsistent temperature. You may also have problems with the air duct. Depending upon the structure of the home, a homeowner could easily clean or replace the unit's air filter. Professionals are best suited to address larger issues with the insulation and the ducts.

2. You hear strange sounds coming from the unit

Unusual sounds, like most machines and other mechanical setups, can indicate a problem. Be especially careful if you are experiencing temperature-related issues, such as fluctuations or slow warming times.

You don't have to immediately call a professional if you hear strange or unusual sounds. They should be monitored for signs. People who want to be proactive should call their preferred HVAC contractors. This will make sure there's a no larger problem. They can also ask for an operational efficiency assessment of the system before a major malfunction occurs.

They are quite complex. One screw or bolt can become a problem if it is not fixed quickly. It is best to be safe than sorry considering the costs involved. Routine maintenance can be far less expensive than large-scale repairs.


3. Inadequate airflow or insufficient

Another indicator that your heating and cooling units might need attention is reduced airflow through one or more vents.

This could prove to be minor. You could have partially blocked ventilation or clogged filters. It's possible for landlords or homeowners to inspect their cooling and heating units and the ducts.

Also, homeowners can inspect the vents to check for obstructions. The weak or inconsistent airflow from the vent is not the only sign of a bigger problem.

Other airflow-related issues might include:

  • Problems with thermostat
  • A slow start to the cooling fan
  • Low levels

Depending on how handy the homeowner is, they may be able to handle some of these problems. In other instances, you can contact your local HVAC contractor for assistance and repairs.


4. The system needs frequent repairs.

Just like any other appliance, such as refrigerators, dryers, and dishwashers, heating or cooling systems can become outdated over time. If your cooling or heating company isn't able to fix the problem within a few visits, you should consider replacing it.

It is best to have your HVAC technician service the unit no more than six times a year. That could include once before summer, and once again before winter arrives. People who contact HVAC contractors frequently are more likely to try and keep a unit operating well into its final years.

It is possible to upgrade if the repair costs and service calls are higher than the price of a brand new unit. Any local heating/cooling company should be able to provide homeowners with a solid estimate.


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