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Jun 22


Cleaning your carpets professionally is important for keeping your home clean and healthy. It doesn't matter how much you try to clean your carpet with store-bought cleaners. Also, it won't make any of the stains disappear. It is best to hire a professional carpet cleaner who has years of experience.

Many consumers believe that steam cleaning is the only way to clean carpets professionally. Steam cleaning isn't without its pitfalls. This service can cause your carpets to be soggy and wet for many days.

It is not enough to make lifestyle changes to avoid this issue, but soaked carpets can be a breeding area for mold and mildew. This process can wear down your carpets' delicate fibers, and may even shorten their life span.

Detergents that contain harsh chemicals are also used in steam cleaning. This residue acts like a magnet for dirt and grime which can cause your carpet to get even dirtier. This leads to a cycle in which cleaning and drying take place that does not give the carpet the fresh, soft feel you want.

Our Professional Carpet Cleaning Service offers many benefits

Henderson Carpet Cleaners offers a better alternative to traditional steam cleans. Our services promote a healthier, cleaner carpet. We won't ask you to think about dirt and bacteria on your carpet. Instead, you will have the peace of mind that your living environment is healthy.

1. Carpets dry in hours, not days

We understand that your busy schedule doesn't allow you to take the time to walk on wet carpets. Henderson Carpet Cleaners guarantees that your carpets will be clean, dry, dried, and ready for you to use within hours.

Hot Carbonating Extraction is more effective than steam cleaning. It uses less water to soak the carpet fibers and remove dirt particles. Our hot carbonating extraction process uses less water than other steam cleaning services. It takes only about half the time for your carpets to dry.

2. One of The Most Intense Cleanses Possible

The Natural, our special green-certified cleaning product, penetrates deep into carpets thanks to the gentle, yet powerful, action carbonation. If you have used club soda to lift stains before you know the difference carbonation makes when it comes to removing stains.

We then use our high-tech equipment to apply a heat attraction process that removes dirt and leaves your carpet looking sparkling clean. Our process is non-sticky and leaves no residue. This will ensure that your carpet stays cleaner for longer.

3. A Healthier Home Environment

Henderson Carpet Cleaners can provide a professional and healthy carpet cleaning service. The first reason is that we only use safe and non-toxic cleaning products. The G.R.A.S. contains The Natural, our core cleaner. The FDA created the "Generally Recognized As Safety" list. It doesn't contain any phosphates or detergents.

Second, professional carpet cleaners have been shown to drastically reduce allergens inside the home. A study done by an independent lab found that Hot Carbonating Extraction removes 98% from carpets and upholstery.

Removal of allergens can make an enormous difference for your family members who suffer from asthma, allergies, and other respiratory disorders. Our cleaning process, when combined with a disinfectant, also kills 89% of airborne bacteria. This results in healthier indoor air and a more comfortable atmosphere.

Look for a professional carpet cleaning company that provides benefits that traditional steam cleaning just can't offer. Henderson Carpet Cleaners would love to help you with your residential carpet cleaning needs.,161166,henderson-carpet-cleaners,sdsadsad.html


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