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HVAC Duct installation: Understanding the Process

Jun 23

HVAC Duct installation: Understanding the Process

Is it time for HVAC ductwork to be installed in your house? Your comfort and well-being are dependent on the ductwork.

Ducts make up an integral part of your cooling and heating system. They transport the hot or cold air that keeps us comfortable. You can think of HVAC units as the heart.

A lot of homeowners find installing HVAC ducts to be a daunting task. Find out everything you need to know about HVAC Duct Installation.

Start with a plan

The planning stage is the first step to installing ductwork. They'll design the layout of the ductwork within your home and draw their connections.

During this phase, the technician will also need to work out the heat loss/gain in each room.

The technician can help determine the optimal location of your furnace, your air conditioner, exhaust vents, and your furnace. You will also be able to decide the type and size of ducts. Most homeowners choose sheet metal made from galvanized and plated steel.

Duct Vents

To make your duct vents, your technician needs to drill holes in your walls. The supply vents carry hot or chilled air from your furnace, AC unit, or furnace. The return vents take air back to your HVAC system.

These vents might be different sizes depending upon your home's layout.

The Online Purchase of the HVAC System

If you're replacing an entire system, the technician will install your condenser, furnace, and air handler.

But, if you're replacing your pipes, all of these will be in place.

Installing the Ducts

Once your HVAC system is operational, your ducts should be able to connect to it. Your technician will now lay the actual pipework.

They will be careful not to bend the HVAC system. If your technician is replacing your ducts they will attempt retrofitting your new ducts to workable older sections.

Once the ducts can be laid, they're connected to your HVAC unit.

Sealing the System

Poorly sealed ducts are energy-efficient. Your HVAC system will be forced to work harder to keep up with the increased demand if air escapes.

Your technician will seal any leakages using mastic and metal-backed tape.

HVAC Duct Installation Done Right

Any home needs HVAC duct installation, replacement, and maintenance. It's impossible to enjoy comfortable living without proper heating/cooling.

It is essential that your ducts be installed by an expert who is knowledgeable about ductwork. Columbus Airduct Cleaning has been in business for over two decades and knows what they do. Contact them on their website for any questions you may have or to set up an appointment.


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