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What goes into Cabinet Refinishing

Jul 4

What goes into Cabinet Refinishing

Once your kitchen cabinets have been installed they need to stay put for as long as you want. They can eventually become worn, dated, and old-fashioned. At this point, you may be tempted to have them replaced but that would be way too expensive.

It's worth considering giving your cabinets a complete overhaul before you get rid of them. Cabinet refinishing, which is much cheaper than replacing the entire cabinet with a new one, can give your kitchen cabinet some life. No matter whether you need new paint or complete refinishing of your cabinets, the task can seem overwhelming.

Do you want to hire someone or do it yourself? Read on for more information about cabinet refinishing. Richmond Ace Cabinet Refinishing will provide an estimate.


Cabinet refinishing involves sanding down and repairing your cabinet doors. The doors need to be cleaned before a coat of paint, stain, or varnish is applied to them. The hardware may need to be cleaned or replaced in certain cases.

Kitchen cabinet refinishing means keeping your original cabinets but changing the color or finishing.


The waiting time it takes for the cabinets to dry completely is probably the biggest problem you'll face when they are painted. It takes approximately a week for your cabinets to dry completely.

Richmond Ace Cabinet Refinishing can be done in a matter of days. Only two to three days is required for your old cabinets to undergo a complete makeover. Your kitchen can be ready for use once we have completed the project.


Richmond Ace Cabinet Refinishing's cabinet refinishing costs are determined by the number of doors and drawers as well as the condition and availability of hardware. We offer a free estimate with a competitive rate based on what you need. We explain every step of the process so you know what to expect. We'll discuss the area of your home and how many colors will you use.

Cabinet refinishing might be the best option for a kitchen remodeling project. You will need patience and skills to make the process easy. Professionals are the best choice for guaranteed results. We are Richmond VA's most trusted cabinet refinishing contractor. For a free estimate, please contact us.



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