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How to make Bicarbonate of Soda Paste Cleaning

Jul 30

Bicarbonate of Soda Paste Cleaning is Easy. Let's Make Some!

It's safe and easy to use, making bicarbonate soda a popular cleaning product for surfaces and household items.Paste form is one way bicarb can be used. However, making a paste is often more difficult than it sounds.Pastes that have too much liquid end up creating more trouble than they are worth. And lumpy pastes that have too much liquid can be difficult to handle.

How can you achieve consistency?

Below, learn how to make the best bicarbonate soda paste for cleaning!

How to make a bicarbonate of soda paste for cleaning

Making a bicarb paste is easy. You only need water, bicarbonate soda, a saucepan, and a spoon to make a bicarb paste.

These measurements are necessary to make a bicarb paste.

Add two parts bicarbonate soda to one part water

It is up to you to decide how many parts you want. A paste-like consistency can be achieved by mixing bicarbonate soda and water in a saucepan or other suitable vessel. It is possible to add some bicarb to thin the paste, or to dilute it with more water.

To make your cleaning job more efficient, you will need to adjust the above measurements. You can either scale up or down to do larger jobs.

Spread the paste over the area that you want to clean and then leave it there for the required time according to the cleaning method. Here's an example: If you want to clean a cutting board with a bicarbonate soda paste, this is what you would do. In a bowl, combine two teaspoons bicarbonate soda and one teaspoon water. Continue to stir the mixture until it reaches the desired consistency. Next, spread the paste onto a chopping board making sure that one side is covered. The paste should be left on the board for at least 30 minutes. After that, clean it off.

What can you clean with Bicarbonate of Soda Paste

There are many uses of bicarbonate soda paste. It's hard to list them all . Here's a quick list .

  • Ovens and oven door glass
  • Chopping boards can be cleaned both with plastic and wooden tools.
  • Clean tea- or coffee-colored cup/mugs
  • Remove stains from teaspoons
  • Re-shining silver products
  • Carpet stain removal
  • Stains on clothing: How to treat them
  • The top of the stove

You don't have to make a paste of bicarbonate soda to clean it. It can be made in a non-paste format.

  • Clean the dishwasher
  • De-clogging the sink
  • Remove bad odours from your fridge and bin
  • Limescale treatment
  • Clean the toilet
  • Descaling kettles

You could go on and on.

Where can I buy bicarbonate of soda for cleaning?

Most supermarkets have it. It is easy to find bicarbonate soda. A 200g Dr. Oetker tub can be found in most major supermarkets, such as Tesco, Morrisons, and Asda.

This size tub will last you for many cleaning tasks. It can also be used while cooking, which is a bonus. However, you might want to invest in a bigger tub or a more specific bicarbonate soda product if you intend on cleaning with bicarb. For example, you can pick up large containers for bicarb like the 5kg sodium bicarbonate tub that Hexeal sells on Amazon. You could also buy bicarbonate soda from top brands like DriPak and Arm & Hammer.

These items can be used to clean many surfaces and goods in your home.

For more information, see our guide where to buy bicarbonate soda for cleaning.

Is baking soda the same as bicarbonate of soda?

Yes, baking soda and bicarbonate soda are one thing.

Baking soda is an American term for bicarbonate soda. In the UK, we prefer to call it bicarbonate soda or bicarb.

What is the difference between Soda Crystals and Bicarbonate of Soda?

You should not mix soda crystals with bicarbonate of sodium. Although they may appear similar, abrasive cleaners are actually quite different. For example, they have different pH levels. Bicarb has pH 8 while soda crystals have pH 11. This high alkalinity makes soda crystals unpalatable, while bicarbonate soda's lower pH level means it can be used in cooking. If you are interested, we have written an article about the differences in soda crystals and bicarbonate soda.

Bicarbonate-of-Soda Cleaning Paste: What can you add?

You will have times when your bicarb paste needs to be a bit more powerful. These are the times you might consider adding another ingredient.

What can you safely add?

These cleaning products can safely be combined with bicarb.

  • Vinegar
  • Lemon juice
  • Cream of tartar
  • Hydrogen peroxide
  • Get rid of liquids