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Canberra Pergolas: Pergola and Patio for your Home

Oct 11

The Ultimate Guide to Picking the Perfect Pergola and Patio

In this blog post, we will discuss the importance of pergolas and patios for your home. We will cover everything from picking a perfect one to what materials you should use for construction. If you want your pergolas Canberra to be outstanding, professionals from Canberra Pergolas are ready to help. Contact us on (02) 6130 0799

How to choose the perfect pergola and patio for your home

When you decide to have a pergola or patio in your home, you need to consider a few things before just jumping in and doing it. The two most important factors you should always consider are how much time you will spend outside on your deck and the temperatures in your area during certain seasons.

The first point makes perfect sense if you think about it. If you live somewhere with harsh weather conditions, it is advisable to have a pergola instead of a patio. This is because the solid structure will protect you from any wind or rain that might arise, whereas your patios are susceptible to all sorts of weather conditions.

It would be best if you also considered how much time do you spend outside during certain seasons. Do you find yourself sitting out most days regardless if it's freezing cold or boiling hot? If so, then perhaps go for an open-air patio with no walls whatsoever. On the contrary, if you only use your deck in warmer months and want something nice to look at when there's snow everywhere - choose pergolas over patios.

What are the best materials for making your patio and pergola?

Materials used in making a pergola and patio depend on the style and use you want to give it. If your pergola sits in a shaded area, having it made of wood is not a good idea because we all know how quickly they rot when moistened.

On the other hand, if you live in an area where humidity levels are high most of the months-of-the year, then using wood might be exactly what you need. It's also worth noting that many different types of woods are used for outdoor projects like this one. And some perform better over time than others, depending on their density and weatherproof qualities (like Ipe).

You can also use concrete to make a pergola. If you go this route, make sure to use a very high-quality concrete mix because cheaper versions tend to crack and break-even easier than wood does.

You can also choose stone for your patios instead of wooden beams or PVC piping, which is used for most patios and decks these days. There are many different types of stones that work well, depending on where you live. So if you're not feeling too adventurous with the design process, I would recommend sticking with something like flagstone - it looks great in almost any setting and doesn't require much maintenance either. Here we have covered just three potential materials that may be suitable for building a patio/pergola, but there is an endless list of materials to be used.

Tips on how to keep your outdoor living area looking good all year round

After you've built your pergola/patio, it's good to ensure that it stays in good condition. For example, your pergola needs to be treated with a water-resistant product every year so that the wood doesn't swell and crack over time caused by weathering.

Pergolas are also susceptible to rot if they're not painted or stained regularly - it's best not to use oil-based products, however, as these will attract dust which can eventually damage the wood underneath. If you're looking for an eco-friendly solution, then I would recommend using an alkyd stain instead. This is because there are no harmful chemicals used in making this type of product, meaning it won't harm any plants/vegetation around your patio area either! Just make sure you follow the instructions on how much paint /stain to apply to each section.

For your patio, you should choose a product that can be used on both porous and non-porous surfaces - if it's the latter, then make sure that it has been tested for use on concrete/tarmac. This will ensure that the paint won't flake off over time which would cause unsightly patches in your garden! Patios are usually made from either porcelain tiles or natural stone so bear this in mind when picking out your new exterior colour scheme too. You should also consider getting help from a professional.

Outdoor living spaces have become more popular in the past few years. It's no wonder there is nothing better than being outside on a beautiful day, relaxing with friends and family, or simply enjoying your own company. The patio you choose for your outdoor space will be key to making these moments happen year-round. We hope that this guide will be helpful when it comes to choosing your pergola/patio.

Why Choose Canberra Pergolas

For your decking needs in Canberra, we are the team to trust. We have many years of experience in pergolas, decks and general outdoor living areas around Canberra. Our aim is to create spaces that allow you to enjoy your lifestyle year-round with no hassle or stress about outside weather conditions. Contact Canberra Pergolas on (02) 6130 0799 so we can help you fix your outdoor space.

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