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Do We Need Roof Repair?

Oct 18

Roof damage, roof leaks, or roof problems that require attention are all signs that your roof needs to be repaired. Sometimes a quick fix may be enough. In reality, you will need to replace the entire roof. It can be hard to tell if your roof needs repair beyond what you see. It is usually necessary to have a roof inspection in order to determine if roof repairs are the best or if a new roof is needed.

Steadfast Roof Services offers roof inspections in Pittsburgh, PA. You can rely on Steadfast Roofing for roof repairs, roof replacements, and roof inspections. We also offer roof installation services.

Signs your roof may need to be replaced or repaired

There are some key signs that your roof needs to be replaced. Here are some clear signs that it is time to replace or repair your roof.

It is possible to miss shingles

This is a common issue with asphalt shingle roofing. Roof repair and roof replacement services should be called if you notice that one or more shingles have been missing. It's better to replace an older roof with asphalt shingles on top of another layer. You shouldn't have more shingles than 2 layers on a roof. It will be too heavy and cause structural problems.

The roof can leak if there are missing shingles. These leaks could lead to mold growth and long-term damage.

This could cause serious problems in the future, such as roof leaks and roofs being weaker. This situation needs immediate attention.

Shingles curling at corners

Shingle roofing can be quite durable but you might notice curling at the corners. Wind damage often causes roof shingles to curl. Shingle roof repair can stop curling and save you hundreds on roofing replacement costs.

Standing water on your rooftop

Roof rot can be a serious problem and could lead to roofing emergencies. Even small amounts of water can cause mold and rot that can lead to the destruction of your roof. This is especially true for homes located in more humid climates.

Homeowners should pay attention to roof drainage systems and be alert if roof shingle aggregates begin to clump up after heavy rains, snow melt-off, or heavy rains. This can often be a sign of a problem with your roof's waterproofing membrane. This is especially true for roofs with low slopes or flat roofs where water tends to collect more.

Blocked gutters on roofs

If your roof gutters are blocked with leaves, branches, and other debris, water can overflow from the roof. If left unchecked these water overflows could cause damage to your foundation or mold growth in areas that are not covered by your roof.

Clogged gutters on roofs can lead to ice dams. These ice dams form when the snow melts from roofs during winter months and then flows over the eaves of buildings. This unstable layer of thickened ice forms on roof surfaces at angles that eventually threaten to remove shingles. Roof damage is more likely if ice buildups are not removed.

Roof leaks

You should pay attention to leaks from the chimney, roof ridges, and roof valleys. If your roof shingles become curled up around your roof edges, or if they are missing from different areas on your roof's surface, you should have them repaired immediately. You should have your roof assessed by Pittsburgh's roofing experts if you notice discoloration in certain areas of your ceiling due to water damage.

Steadfast Roofing recommends that a roof be replaced if it leaks. This is because the roof might not be able to be repaired or the material that was used may have become worn and damaged. You should consider replacing your roof if you notice that the roof is leaking after a storm, flood, or another natural disaster.

Roof damage following a storm, flood, or another natural disaster.

Any roof can be affected by natural disasters, such as floods and storms. You may see roof damage after a major storm in the form of leaks and other visible damage.

Leaks can be a sign that your roof needs to be repaired immediately. If left untreated, leaks can cause severe interior water damage.

In the event of hail and ice storm damage to a roof, roof repair is required. This causes significant roof shingle breaking but doesn't usually cause any structural damage to the roof beneath. Roof replacement will not be required if there is no damage to the roof structure after a hailstorm, provided that all damaged flashing has been repaired and all broken shingles are replaced.

What is the cost average for roof repairs in Pittsburgh, PA

Roof replacement costs can range from $35 to $40 per square foot if a roof needs repair. A typical roof install costs between $3.50 to $5.00 per square foot.

A qualified contractor will also inspect your roof during repairs that are typically covered by standard home insurance.

How long does it take for roof repairs?

The severity of the damage to your roof from weather conditions like snow, rain, or wind can affect how long it takes to repair it. Sometimes roof repair is completed in a matter of hours. Others may take several days depending upon how extensive the work involved and the materials used.

The time it takes to replace a roof depends on its size. Customers can choose from different types of roofing materials for roof replacements.