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Driveway Cleaning

Sep 1

Average Cost to Pressure Wash a Driveway

Driveway cleaning services are a very important service which maintains the attractiveness of a driveway or any open public space like a parking lot. These days, it's quite common for your driveway to become dirty because of various reasons. The tiled and concrete floors generally get soiled with oil, dirt, and other debris that will negatively impact the appearance of your house.

Driveway Cleaning

Homeowners generally hire professional companies for their driveway cleaning and other janitorial services because doing it on your own may be time-consuming, difficult, and dangerous. Doing it on your own isn't only labor intensive, but also prone to injuries and accidents. For instance, when you're washing a car out there is always a possibility that you might slip or fall. For that reason alone, if you do not have the proper cleaning tools and equipment, you are putting yourself and those who are working with you at risk. You don't need to risk getting seriously injured when doing simple jobs around your home like the washing and waxing of your windows or cleaning the outside of your garage door; you should instead invest in professional window washing and garage door cleaning equipment to ensure safety and efficiency.

Not only will paying someone else do the driveway cleaning provide you with peace of mind, but you will also save money since you won't have to pay around for added costs like insurance. It can be fairly easy to wash windows, but washing large items like a car requires more manpower and tools. Likewise, pressure washing your driveway can also be costly, so you may want to leave that task to someone who is professionally trained. If you don't have extra money to spend, then you should invest in pressure washed pavers so that you can have your driveway professionally cleaned without spending a lot of money. Even when you are able to spend a little bit on these products, the cost can still be less than what you will pay around for added household expenses.

There is another benefit to driveway cleaning that many people overlook: the added benefit of having clean and weed-free grass in your yard. In fact, the best way to ensure that weeds are not growing anywhere near your house is to make sure that they are cleaned away before you ever lay the sod. Weed seeds are very difficult to get rid of, so the best way to prevent them from growing in the first place is to clean them away before they can even begin to grow. While it's true that the weed seeds that you get from jet wash services won't germinate and sprout right away, you should still consider taking care of them so they don't grow back again in the future. This can be as simple as using an herbicide to kill the seeds, or using a weed killer to keep them off your lawn in the future.

Of course, there are other options when it comes to getting your driveway cleaned. For instance, you can choose to have someone else take care of it, either for a one-time or multiple-time fee depending on how much you want to have done. However, the cost of hiring someone is often much more than what it would be to pressure wash concrete. In fact, the average cost to pressure wash concrete driveway ranges from about four dollars per foot to as much as ten dollars per foot, depending on the size of the driveway and the amount of work that needs to be done. You also need to make sure that you don't hire anyone that has poor driving skills, because chances are they won't know exactly how to handle a large-scale job like this.

Even if you choose to take on the job yourself with concrete driveway pressure washing, you should remember that there is still no "one size fits all" solution. If you have a larger driveway and you want to do a larger-than-usual job, you may be looking at spending a few hundred dollars. On the other hand, if you have a smaller driveway, you may be able to get one of those smaller machines for just a couple of hundred dollars. So, in the end, you are going to have to weigh your options and determine how much you can spend on getting your driveway cleaned.