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Jul 15

Power washing or pressure washing is the employment of high-force water jetting to remove hard-to-remove dirt, stain, mud, dust, chewing gum, block stones and other hard surface debris from driveways, sidewalks and parking lots. This service enhances the curb appeal of the property as well as make the driveways safe for walking on and to make them clean and clear. The power washed surfaces are made clean of all kinds of grit, oil, salt, snow and ice in order to make them look like brand new surfaces. Power washing can be used on driveways, sidewalks and parking lots to eliminate all kind of debris that may accumulate due to continuous usage of vehicles, spilling of oil, grease, chemicals and even tree sap. This enables the area to remain free from debris and safe for everyone.

Pressure washing is often used on driveways because it leaves no streaks or dirt after it is done, making the driveways look absolutely clean. By using a high pressure water sprayer, you are able to clean all sides of the driveway including the top so that you can leave no room for dirt to accumulate. With pressure washing, you don't have to use too much hot water since the hot water is directed at the surface instead of evaporating leaving the surface clean and dry after its use.

When power washing your driveway, it is better to go in during the hottest part of the day when the sun is directly overhead. You can also use a blower that has an exhaust fan underneath in order to maximize the amount of heat being generated during the power washing session. There is no need for you to bring out hoses or other large pieces of apparatus for the pressure washing of your driveway. You also don't have to do any messy raking of dirt to loosen up the dirt that is sitting on top of your driveway. All you have to do is simply let the high-powered pressure washing machines do the work for you while you take care of more important things.

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