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How Much Does Roof Repair Cost?

Oct 18

It can be hard to determine the exact cost of roof repairs because no two roofs are alike. There are many factors that will affect the cost of your roof repair projects, such as overhead costs, the complexity of the roof, and accessibility.

To give you an estimate of how much it will likely cost to fix a leaky roof, here are some rough estimates.

Roof Leak Repairs - Costs

Nationally, roof repair costs average $918. Homeowners spend an average of $361 to $1,501. Most small roof repairs will cost between $150 to $400. It all depends on the contractor that you hire. Labor can cost anywhere from $45 to $25 per hour.

You might be able to fix the issue yourself if it is not too serious. Larger roof leak repairs that are complex should be left to the professionals.

Common Roof Leak Problems: How Much Does It Cost to Fix Them?

  • Improperly driving nails: If a nail has been driven in the wrong way or is not being driven in the correct direction, it can lead to damage. This causes the nail's head back to the roof, which can allow water to seep through your house. Repairing the leak can cost you around $325
  • Pipe boot failure: A pipeline boot is the waterproof of your property. Water may seep through a kitchen, bathroom, or closet when it rains. You will need to spend approximately $325 to fix the problem depending on how old your roof is.
  • Debris buildup in gutters: If your gutters aren't cleaned up promptly, they will block water flow to your roof. This can lead to problems with the water supply. Roof leaks due to a clogged gutter cost between $200 and 500.
  • Collar failure surrounding a gas vente: The price of collar failure will depend on the difficulty in accessing the roof.
  • Chimney wear, tear and damage: If left untreated, leaks from chimneys can lead to more severe property damage. It is possible to expect to spend $500 to correct the issue.
  • Skylights that are not properly installed: Roof leaks are more common if the skylight isn't correctly installed. Reflashing or replacing the factory seals is the best way to repair this. You can fix it in one of two ways. The repair cost is between $500 and $700.

DIY Roof Repair Vs. Hiring an expert

Most people will have to deal with roofing issues at some point in the course of their lives. Many minor roof leaks can easily be fixed by homeowners. You can fix most minor roof leaks yourself, but it is recommended to hire a professional roofer to examine the roof and offer the best solution.

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