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Long Island Tennis Court Cleaning

Oct 15

Give your Long Island tennis court the advantage with professional tennis court cleaning from the pressure washing experts at Pressure Wash Long Island!

If you have reached the breakpoint with the unsightly look of your dirty, dingy, stained tennis courts, the pros at Pressure Wash Long Island are your ace in the hole. Our skilled professionals have top-of-the-line pressure washing equipment, environmentally safe cleaning solutions, and in-depth knowledge of the latest industry techniques and applications to take your tennis court from faulty to smashing.

Your tennis court is at the mercy of the outdoor elements. Dirt, grime, and pollen can accumulate on the surface of your tennis court, giving it an unsightly appearance. Dangerous buildups of algae, decaying organic material, and moss can lead to hazardous play conditions. Bird and animal droppings add to the nasty mix, leaving your tennis courts looking drab and defeated.

The pressure washing phenoms at Pressure Wash Long Island are at your service with the skills, the know-how, and the tools to give your courts a fresh appeal. We’ll blast away the pollutants that detract from the look and playability of your tennis court, defeating the game, set, and match. With our customized applications, we can clean your court’s surface and give it a pristine polish that will knock your socks off.

In addition to tennis court cleaning, Pressure Wash Long Island offers a full line of residential and commercial pressure washing and soft washing services for your Long Island home, business, residential complex, or commercial property, including:

✔️ Exterior building cleaning
✔️  Playground cleaning

✔️  Outdoor furniture cleaning
✔️ Pool deck cleaning

✔️  Sidewalk, driveway, and parking lot cleaning

✔️ Window washing

Whether your tennis court is at your Long Island home, neighborhood common-area, apartment complex, or commercial enterprise, the experts at Pressure Wash Long Island will always provide you with personalized and professional exterior cleaning services. Don’t get taken by someone running a racket, call the pressure washing experts you know and trust today at 516-350-8393 and let us show you the difference tennis court cleaning from Pressure Wash Long Island can make for your game.

Customized Pressure Washing Services For Your Long Island Home

Pressure Wash Long Island is proud to offer our friends and neighbors in Oyster Bay and the surrounding Long Island communities our phenomenal customer service and quality workmanship on every job, every time. When you want reliable, honest, and professional exterior surface cleaning for your Long Island home, apartment, or condominium, the choice is clear. Pressure Wash Long Island is the area’s leader in pressure washing services on Long Island.

Our complete line of residential pressure washing services includes:

✔️ House washing
✔️  Windows, screens, and screened enclosure cleaning

✔️  Sidewalk, driveway, and patio cleaning
✔️ Fence cleaning

✔️  Pool deck washing

We have an application for every exterior surface and can help you elevate the appeal of your Long Island residence to a whole new level. For over three decades, we’ve been providing top-notch customer service on Long Island. We’re passionate about delivering an exceptional exterior surface cleaning experience, and our reputation is second-to-none. When you call in our pressure washing technicians, you’re hiring a team of skilled professionals who are up-to-speed on the latest industry technology and cutting-edge procedures to give you superior pressure washing results every time.

Call us today to schedule pressure washing services for your Long Island home at 516-350-8393 and let us show you what a difference the pros at Pressure Wash Long Island can make for your property

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Perfect Pressure Washing Service for Tennis Court


Pressure wash your tennis court to get the perfect pressure washing commercial service for pressure washers. Cleaning a tennis court can be hard work, and it is important to find the right pressure washing commercial service that can help you do the job well. Pressure Wash Long Island’s pressure washing experts will deep clean your tennis court with their state-of-the-art pressure cleaner so that you can enjoy playing on a great surface! Pressure Wash Long Island has been in business for many years, and we offer pressure washing services for many different surfaces including driveways, sidewalks, parking lots, etc.

The pressure washer sprays out thousands of gallons per minute of high-pressure water; this removes dirt, oils, grease, and other debris from the surface it hits. If you have tennis courts on your property, then you should consider pressure washing them so they look their best!

Pressure washing a tennis court can be an exhausting and labor-intensive task. It’s not uncommon for pressure to wash services in the NYC area to charge up to $1500, just for one service call! The pressure washer must make multiple passes over the surface of the playing field with soap or other detergents before pressure is applied so that no dirt remains on its surface. However, it takes much less time than traditional scrubbing methods such as hydro blasting because pressure washing equipment generates higher water pressure and a more concentrated hose will allow faster cleaning time.

We clean your tennis court with detergent and a pressure washer

We know the best way to clean your tennis court is pressure washing. We pressure wash tennis courts all over Long Island and the NYC area! Pressure Wash Long Island is a pressure washing commercial service that cleans tennis court surfaces with their state-of-the-art pressure cleaners, so you can enjoy playing on a great surface! The pressure washing professional service is the solution to all your tennis court cleaning needs. The process includes pressure washing and then sealed for the preservation of color and freshness. It reduces bacteria that can cause sickness such as E-coli or Salmonella by 99%. Pressure washing services are a cost-effective way to clean large surfaces with minimal disruption to surrounding areas.

Pressure washing is a technique that can be used to clean the tennis court. Many pressure washers use water, detergents, and foaming chemicals for deep cleaning hard surfaces like concrete. This pressure washing commercial service has all the tools required for pressure washing- including high-pressure power washer pumps with stainless steel pistons, pump motors, and flow control valves as well as low-pressure nozzle guns or chemical injection nozzles.