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Power Washing Long Island

Long Island pressure washing.

At Pressure Wash Long Island, we are experts at residential power washing, and we know that your home is one of the most significant investments you'll ever make. So when it comes to power washing or pressure cleaning, our service isn't just an act-it's taking care in preserving what matters most about owning property: cleanliness with curb appeal! We can handle any job with our expert teams on hand. We provide residential pressure washing, power washing, and soft washing services throughout Nassau & Suffolk counties providing quality work and excellent customer service at reasonable prices with professional results every time.

What are Power Washing & Pressure Washing?

Power washing or pressure cleaning machines use cold and hot water at high pressure to clean through mildew, grease mold, and other matters. The industrial-grade equipment we employ is suited for all our jobs because it correctly removes dirt without damaging surfaces. Their skilled technicians know how to mix the chemicals necessary to achieve desired results with minimal collateral damage. There are a variety of ways to clean wood. It depends on the material being cleaned; depending on the job you want to perform, the Pressure Wash Long Island team can handle any task, from power washing to soft washing.

What is Soft Washing?

Soft washing, sometimes called low-pressure house washing, uses a low-pressure nozzle with biodegradable chemicals designed to eliminate algae, dirt, mold, and more. Our technicians undergo training to work in a home without harming it. Here at Pressure Washing Long Island, we understand the different materials and use the proper amount of chemicals and pressure to clean your surfaces. It's important to note that pressure is not the primary way that we clean your home. Instead, it's the chemicals that we use that do the dirty work. That's our process for cleaning exterior surfaces. We first lay down the correct quantity of cleaner, then soak it, and finally use a high volume of water with little pressure to rinse.

Remember, the gentlest way to clean your home is with a soft wash! Pressure washing may harm your vinyl siding or stucco in some situations damage the surfaces. We avoid causing damage by soft washing your home.

What is the Best Exterior Cleaning process?


Two excellent strategies for various parts of your property include pressure washing or soft washing. These approaches are used in the following locations of your home:


Vinyl Siding Cleaning

Pressure Wash Long Island cleans vinyl siding using the soft washing technique. Actual power washing is too much for vinyl siding and can cause lots of damage; using only water does not provide long-lasting results as the soft washing technique. We follow this procedure for all vinyl siding washing in Nassau and Suffolk counties of Long Island, NY.


Using blend manifolds, we create a customizable soft washing chemical mix. :


All siding of the home

All windows and screens

All soffits

All exterior gutters

After a few minutes of dwell time that destroys all organic growth and suspends all dirt, we follow with a low-pressure, high-volume rinse.


Stucco and Dryvit Cleaning

Stucco is easiest to clean using a gentle washing technique with the appropriate chemicals. It should never be power washed because doing so can easily damage stucco exteriors—our procedure for all stucco cleaning.

We are providing soft washing throughout Nassau and Suffolk counties of Long Island, NY.


The chemical washing medium, in this case, is a soft wash with blend manifolds. :


All stucco exterior of the home

All windows and screens

All soffits

All exterior gutters

After a few minutes of dwell time that destroys all organic growth and suspends all dirt, we follow with a low-pressure, high-volume rinsing.


Cleaning a Cedar Shake on Long Island.

If you're seeking cedar shake cleaning in Long Island's Suffolk and Nassau counties, you've come to the correct place because we are one of Long Island's best cedar shake cleaners.


For cleaning cedar shake houses, we provide three different cleaning service levels.


The most basic detergent and sodium hypochlorite wash

The premium quality is gentle on wood, with no bleach cleaning method.

We begin by removing the old stains and other build-ups with a 2-step procedure that first uses our custom-mixed stripper followed by a low to medium pressure rinse. This process may take some time, but don't worry—as long as your house is under close supervision!

Long Island, New York: paving stone cleaning, repairs, and polymeric sanding.

We, not only pressure wash your paving stone patio, pool patio, driveway, sidewalks, and other surfaces, but we also provide complete care for these areas, including cleaning, repairs, and polymeric sanding.


Soft washing for the maintenance cleaning


Rotating power nozzles and surface cleaners accompanied with power washing for prep to redo polymeric sand. Many sorts of repairs include, for example, raising sunken regions or replacing concrete boundaries. Polymeric sanding Retaining wall cleaning PVC and Vinyl Fence Cleaning

Whether your fencing or railings are made from PVC or vinyl, our technicians can clean them. Pressure Wash Long Island uses a combination of soft washing and power washing to make sure that the surface is spotless.


Composite Decking Cleaning

Composite decking, like any other construction material, must be handled with care. Our composite deck combination method is also applied to decks constructed of composite materials.


Cleaning Your Deck and Fences on Long Island

Pressure Wash Long Island are true experts in low pressure no gentle bleach cleaning of mahogany, cedar, ipe wood decks, and fences. All hardwood, including cedar, mahogany, redwood, and more, requires maintenance every year to look at its peak. Power washing your deck without proper preparation might damage the wood and cause it to splinter. Our experts know how to clean the wood without causing any issues.


Concrete Power Washing

Power washing and scrubbing are not harmful to either concrete or stamped concrete. We can remove almost any mold, mildew, rust, or stains from your sidewalks and driveways. Most open areas will be power washed with surface cleaners for a nice, uniform clean appearance and no wand marks; all edges are power washed using wands and rinsed. There are a lot of variables to consider when it comes to concrete cleaning. We'll make sure that the grass surrounding the concrete isn't harmed in any way.

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