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Power Cleaning Driveways

Jul 28

Pressure Cleaning

For many homeowners, pressure cleaning is something that they do in between home improvement projects. Homeowners will often use a pressure washer to clean off the siding of their home's outer layer, which includes brick and concrete. However, pressure cleaning can also be used to clean driveways and walkways, as well as patios and decks.

When doing pressure cleaning of a driveway or sidewalk, there are some things that you need to keep in mind. First, choose the right nozzle and pressure washer tips to clean the driveway or sidewalk without damaging the concrete or stone surfaces. Also, remember that pressure cleaning might not take very long at all, but sometimes the surface might take a couple of days to completely set and dry completely. This is especially true when it comes to very tough stains or soiling.

Before you begin pressure cleaning, make sure that you have all of your tools ready and available. You will need: detergent, heavy-duty water pump, shop vac, bucket with wet/dry vacuum, hose, power washer, air compressor, bucket with brush attachment, garden hose, and concrete sealer. Depending on the kind of surface that you will be cleaning, you may also need a strong detergent to remove the loose debris from the driveway or sidewalk. Detergent is available at most supermarkets and specialty stores. The water pump will require water; therefore, it is important to bring a large water bucket with you. Shop vac and the air compressor will help you suck up and dispose of any loose debris. Check out for the latest tricks and tips.

Choose the best location for your pressure cleaning job. If the brick driveway or sidewalk is slick due to condensation, then it will be easier to do the job at a low area. If the bricks are loose or damaged due to weather, then the job cannot be done at an elevated area because the high pressure spray may damage the asphalt. The bucket with the dry vacuum will be needed for this job. Before starting the pressure washing process, make sure that you have properly cleaned the area with the detergent to remove all traces of the cleaning solution. Once you have finished cleaning the area, you can start the hose and pour the mildew and dirt removal solution into the bucket.

After completing the cleaning process, you can start the pressure washing of the driveways. When doing the pressure washing of the driveways, it is a good idea to only do the exterior surfaces of the driveways. Using the power washer, wash the sides and bottoms of the driveways. When you wash the exterior surfaces, you want to make sure that the stains are removed so that they do not re-appear. This prevents the driveways from looking like new when you next take a look at them.

It is important that you only use a mildew and stain remover when doing the pressure washing of the exterior surfaces of your home. If you use a strong cleaner on the deep seated stains you may damage the outer layer of the driveway. You can find a cleaner that will work on these tough stains by looking online or in your local yellow pages.