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Sep 1

Five Things You Can Do For Your Driveway

There are three main types of pressure washing techniques and they are along predictable lines. If you want to learn how to pressure wash a driveway you will want to follow along as you will want to get the best results as possible. When learning how to pressure wash a driveway, you should keep in mind that there are many different kinds of materials that people use when doing the job. Keep in mind that some of the materials will require more work than others. The following list of materials will help you learn how to pressure wash a driveway.

pressure wash a driveway

Concrete: Usually, concrete driveways have minimal amount of traffic and they are flat. For this type of surface, low-pressure washing is recommended. A low-pressure washing detergent may be used on the surface and left to sit for a few minutes before pressure washing. Most businesses utilize a rotating ball valve with a small swivel for optimal pressure washing without having too much water coming from the nozzle. For tougher stains, you can use high-pressure washing or power washing. High-pressure washing is also available in the truck.

Wood: Pressure washing wood driveways is generally performed by using a detergent with high temperatures. If you are concerned about mildew or the presence of fungi on your wood driveways, you should consider a wood preservative or an anti-fungal treatment. There are a couple products on the market that are available specifically for wood. These treatments can prevent the formation of mold on your driveways. They also prevent the hardening or cracking of the wood over time, which can also cause staining.

Concrete: Pressure cleaning block paved driveways requires a different approach than pressure washing wood driveways. This type of cleaning can be done by a pressure washer with water and a fine-grit sanding pad. This method does not remove any dirt particles on your driveways. It loosens and removes the ground material that has settled on your driveways after years of heavy traffic. Using a detergent that contains grime inhibitors, such as acetone, will help keep your concrete driveways clean and will minimize the presence of mold, algae, and mildew.

Gravel and crushed stone: Pressure washing your stone driveways is a great way to give them a tiled look and make them appear brand new. You will need a very strong pressure washer with very fine grit sandpaper. To make sure your stone and gravel driveway are thoroughly cleansed, you should use a pressure washing detergent and water and use a soft brush to rinse off the dirt. To avoid staining your freshly-cleaned driveway, you should only wash the driveways during the off season when the sun is not shining as much. Most people would rather pressure wash their concrete in the summertime to protect it from staining by heavy seasonal sunshine.

Pressure washing your patios gives you a clean slate for the future. It keeps your home free of stains and prevents them from occurring. It keeps your deck looking great and keeps your back and knees healthy. By doing all of these things, you are doing your part to help protect the health of your family and to extend the life of your home.