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Oct 6


The United States replaces approximately 15 million roofs each year. The average roof's lifespan is 20+ years. You might need to replace your roof if there are any signs of wear. These signs could include leaks or missing pieces.

If your roof is over 20 years old, there are good chances that it will need repairs or maintenance. A roofing contractor with experience should inspect your roof before you consider replacing it.

The contractor might provide professional advice to determine if there are water drainage problems or other deficiencies that could threaten safety or cause damage over time. Experience is what you need to be able to tell when an emergency situation requires immediate repairs or tarping.


What are the Most Important Signs It Is Time for a New Roof?

Leaks can be a sign it is time to get a new roof. The most obvious signs of a leak are black stains in ceilings, peeled wallpaper or paint, dampness below roofing tiles and insulation in the attics. Below are some indicators that you should consider when it is time to change your roof.


Missing Tiles in a Shingle Roof

Gaps between Shingles can be caused either by wind damage or intense heat.

This may lead to loss of protection against elements like rainwater that can cause irreparable destruction if they are allowed to accumulate during dry periods.

The absence of pieces from an existing roof indicates that there is something wrong.


A home that is damaged by wind or severe storms.

The average homeowner might not know how to identify the extent of roof damage from a storm.

The roof and siding often show the most damage when your home is hit by wind, storm, or any other natural disasters.

There are many things to consider when replacing your roof.

There are other signs that are more difficult to notice, including water stains in ceilings, sagging or uneven roofs, and cracks in the walls near the outer walls. This is because moisture from outside could be seeping into the walls. These factors may be indicative of larger problems with your roof structure that will require replacement.


An Aging Roof

The signs of a roof failing are water damage, mold, mildew, and moisture seepage from outside. There may also be peeling wallpaper and paint around exterior entrances to indicate moisture penetration through shingles.

Asphalt-based products like tiles, shingles and shingles can last a while but they can be maintained well enough. You might think about re-coating them with sealants every few year after installation.

Wear and tear is most evident in areas where tiles and roof shingles are interwoven, along corners where edges meet walls or roofs, as well as along roof ridges. You may not notice signs of deterioration immediately but they can appear over time. Regular inspection will be required to identify them when they do.


Broken Or Missing Tiles On An Asphalt Shingle Roof.

You can see signs of a damaged roof by missing tiles or broken tiles. These could include cracks in mortar, bricks, or damage to the flashing on an asphalt roofing shingle roof. If you don't repair them quickly, shingle edges that are too close together instead of straightening out will lead to a decrease in the strength of your entire roofline.

Visible watermarks are found near wood beams. Do not wait to address any existing stains.


Teamwork Exteriors Can Provide a Free Roof Inspection

Although it's possible to go into detail about signs that you might need a roof replacement or repair, the best thing is to hire a professional contractor who is able to assess your situation and determine if you require a complete roof replacement or repair.

Teamwork Exteriors is able to provide top-quality roofing services that are cost-effective. Call us today to discuss roof repair, roofing inspection services, exterior maintenance, and new roof installation. We can also help you to coordinate with your insurance to replace your roof if your roof was damaged by storms.