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Oct 7
Solar energy is revolutionizing the way we produce and distribute energy. Solar energy is the future. It is unrivalled in its ability to provide clean, reliable and sustainable energy. Although humans have always relied on electricity from the grid, there are efforts to reduce that dependence and increase the use solar energy.

You will find out about the four main types and benefits of solar energy in this article.


  • Solar Gain

Solar Gain is a type solar energy that many people take for granted. Solar Gain is also known as Passive Solar Gain. It is solar energy that is easily retained by buildings or objects, without the use of any additional equipment.

The simplest way to maximize solar gain is to paint water tanks in black. This will increase heat retention and heat the water.

Passive solar gain can be a significant source of heating for homes located in colder climates. It can provide up to 40% for heating a home. You can maximize passive solar gain by choosing building materials that heat well and orienting your windows to get as much light as you can.


  • Solar Thermal

Solar Thermal is a type solar energy made from solar thermal panels. Solar thermal panels are able to absorb light and heat it up, transferring the heat through tubes to a working fluid. The working fluid transfers heat to the point of usage, such as a pool, building heating system, or hot water storage.

Solar Thermal works with a conducting medium. In early trials, oil and sodium were some of the fluids used. Molten salt is the best fluid.

  • Concentrated solar power

Concentrated solar energy is achieved by focusing the sun's radiation to a central location using mirrors. Oil, a carrier fluid like oil, flows through the central points heating up to 400C.

Concentrated solar power only works in areas with direct sunlight. Concentrated solar power can only be used in areas with many hours of sunshine per day.

Concentrated solar energy is often found in large-scale facilities that supply energy to electricity grids.


  • Photovoltaic Solar

Photovoltaic sun was first created in 1830. Bell Laboratories, however, created the first solar PV panel in America in 1954.

Photovoltaic Solar can be created by photovoltaics cells. Photovoltaics convert light into electricity. They are often used in gadgets such as watches and calculators. They can also be used for electricity generation in homes that don't have grid connections.

Photovoltaic solar, one of the most widely used forms of solar energy, is one. These are used in many countries to expand their solar power.

These are the four types: photovoltaic solar, concentrated sun power, solar thermal, and solar gain. Each type of solar power has its unique uses and limitations. Solar energy offers a cleaner alternative than traditional energy forms and will continue to improve.